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How To Load Music On MP3 Player? 3 Simplest Ways To Apply



How To Load Music On MP3 Player

How To Load Music On MP3 Player – ? Listening to music on your smartphone is indeed enough. However, if you want to have a better experience, it seems that an mp3 player is a better choice. Using an mp3 player indeed brings you some benefits. The files to load are more and it is much more practical than a smartphone.

Of course, you can load music on an mp3 player yourself. For some newest mp3 player series, there are at least 3 ways to submit songs to the device. What are they?

How To Load Music On MP3 Player

Download mp3 Files

Some types of mp3 players have connected to the internet anytime. They also enable you to access popular music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, JOOX, and more. This way, the first method to load music to the player is by downloading mp3 files directly from the device.

The steps depend on the brand and series of the player. But generally, they are as follows. First, go to the site or the platform available including how to download songs from YouTube music. Find your favorite songs by searching them on the search bar. After finding one, tap the download button and wait for the process until it is done. Now, you have loaded the songs and they are ready to listen to.

How To Load Music On MP3 Player

Using a Data Cable

The second way how to load music on mp3 player is by transferring the file through a data cable. This method is with an assumption that you already have your favorite songs somewhere else, for example, it is on your computer.

So, the steps are as follows. First, plug in the data cable, one connector is into the computer and another one is into the mp3 player. Make sure that the cable is connected well so that the transferring process is without a problem. Find your favorite music in the computer’s folder, and choose to send it to the mp3 player as the destination.

Using Bluetooth

Next, if your mp3 player is equipped with Bluetooth service, it is better for sure. Yes, you can utilize this tool to transfer music from other devices to the mp3 player.

How to do it? First of all, activate Bluetooth on both devices and they must detect one to another. After the Bluetooth service on your mp3 player has been detected by the computer or other devices, choose transfer and the system automatically brings you to the folder. Choose the folder and song. Transfer it. Wait for the process of how to load music on mp3 player until it finishes.